The Glen Cove Marina welcomes new and visiting boaters and groups to our marina featuring stunning views of the Carquinez Strait and beautiful hillsides of the surrounding areas. Here at the Glen Cove Marina we pride ourselves as “Vallejo’s Hidden Gem” and our secluded location and lush gardens provide a quiet retreat for all who come.

Under private ownership since 2007, the marina has undergone a vibrant transformation in the last few years. Come see our inspired and innovative landscaping, float with ease through our fully dredged waterways, or just relax and enjoy the scenery.

In 2010 we earned the Business of the Year award from Vallejo’s Chamber of Commerce and we have certainly kept up the great work! In just June of last year the renovations were completed on our famous lighthouse and our sister company--The Lighthouse at Glen Cove Marina--was born. We now have a 140-person capacity banquet facility on site available to host private events and meetings. In 2014, we were elected Marina Dock Age's Small Marina of the Year- the first in California to win this honor. We are determined to make this the best spot on the water in the Bay Area and will continue to improve our surroundings.